UN Day Once More

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UN Day Once More

It is the time of the year again for children ages 4 to 11 years old to hit the malls in the search for the most accurate, elaborate as well as colorful costumes for the celebration of United Nations Day. I always feel excited every time I get the chance to see these adorable kids under the spotlight and the UN day is always a perfect moment to witness kids parading the mall premises with their colorful flags, wearing their big and sweetest smile is a joy to watch.

                 SM City Davao’s UN Day is a platform to build friendships and understanding of nations formed by these kids while jumping up and down playing with other children their age. Along with their parents, teachers and school administrators who took the time to commemorate this synergy of cultures while irrepressible inner thrill, a mountain of cheers and applause erupted from the audience area as the presentation of colourful outfits took action onstage.

          During the celebration, dancers performed the different dances of the world, while Muzic’s Kool pool of talents including vocal trio Gleetery leads the community singing of “Power of the Dream” and the much applauded live musical presentation of Aladdin.

          Winners took home five thousand worth of SM Gift Certificates while the school with the most number of participating students won ten thousand pesos worth of Gift Certificates.

          Tiffany Bulawan (Indonesia) and Joed Hunter Panceras (Mexico) took home the Grand Prize while Academic Learning Center won the school with the most number of attendees.

Petrifying Halloween

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Petrifying Halloween

While picking out Halloween costumes this year, pet parents all over Davao City also include their pets into the fun!  The Davao Dog Lovers Community of Davao headed by Ms. Joy Dalumpines (President of the Davao Dog Lovers Community Inc.), along with the help of K9 Davao Agility Unified Group (DAUG) showcased the Petrifying Halloween at SM Lanang Premier Fountain Court, where cute furry friends ramp their way on stage with their pet parents in their one- of- a -kind Halloween outfit.

                   Some dogs dressed fashionably in style, some dressed in a vampire costume, Harry Potter to Maleficent get-up, some had wings, and others look like a loaf bread or a hotdog sandwich, while others prefer cartoon or movie characters.

                    The event is one of the many opportunities to give time and celebrate with pets. The Davao Dog Lovers Community sees to it that they create a harmonious and blissful show where all pet parents and pets feel appreciated with their special bond.

                   Spectators also enjoyed the Dog Agility show, a dog sport in which the handler directs the dogs through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. The dog agility benefits include fulfilling the dog’s natural instincts, a great exercise for the dog and the owner as well as strengthen the bond between the pet parent and the dog.

          The Grand  Prize winner was 5 year old  Shitzu named Toni G. a natural actress onstage playing the role of  Mexican icon Frida Kahlo in the movie Coco, wearing a floral crown with colourful dresses, while handler  Mr. Nan Mula played the role of Miguel, who wore red hooded jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes and skeletal face paint .

          I had a blast watching the four-legged pal having fun, with different pets willing to put up with varying levels of nonsense from their owners. Oh, and there are so many possibilities for dogs when it comes to Halloween costume ideas, that I have even lost the count.

A Salon That Makes You Glow

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A Salon That Makes You Glow

Regati Salon Staff with Ladybam Petilos

Finding a hair salon is easy, as a matter of fact when you look around Davao City they are sprouting like mushrooms with a promise of great services and are well priced. I had my fair share of terrible haircut, burnt scalp, colour goes awry

                     But for me, choosing a good salon can be a challenge. There is so much to consider, whether you are looking for someplace to get your hair done or even make-up. I usually rely on recommendations, reviews, ask questions and observe as well as salon consultations to help me decide.

          Recently, I bumped into my friend, who is one of Davao’s premier event hosts, Stand-up comedian, TV, and Radio personality, Bam Petilos, and told her that I recently had a hard time looking for a salon that would truly meet my needs. I also asked her about  the catchy Regati Salon’s radio jingle,  with a tagline that says, “ A salon that makes you glow”, played in almost all radio stations with a singing voice that’s similar to her. While confirming that she sang the jingle, she recommended the salon as well.

 I know her to be too cautious about endorsements, and is not too keen of subscribing to the celebrity endorsement theory, yet as she walked me through Regati Salon at the 2nd floor of Bormaheco Bldg at J.P. Laurel Street and eventually met the owner, Ms. Remie Gamutan Timbreza and her lovely daughter, Ms. May Timbreza Ngsuy, I had a change of heart.

                   She was accommodating, humble and shared so many stories that made you feel at home. Regati comes from the first two letters of her name, and like me, she admitted that she had bad experiences with choosing a salon that she ended up owning one and putting people that she trusted the most.

                   To help you to fine-tune your next salon shopping here are some things to consider when choosing one.

  1.  Spend a minute checking out the salon’s interior, cleanliness or if it’s organized. The look that worn by clients leaving the salon, are they happy faces? Because if not then cross it out on your list.
  •  Find the right hairstylist, who is experienced with hair types. Don’t discriminate, but assess your potential hairstylist. Look at the stylist’s hair- the way it’s cut and styled, and use what you see as a basis for thinking about the kind of hairstyle they’re likely to give you. Regati has two Senior hairstylist Jay Maghanoy and Ellie Aberilla, both are capable and well-trained and I leave the salon with a smile on my face, excited about my new cut.
  •  The friendly and happy atmosphere, with employees seem helpful towards each other, then the salon is likely to be a positive work environment.
  • A good Salon should provide a wide range of services including, intensive spa treatments, keratin treatment, balayage, manicure, facials, among others.
  •  And since we all are required to make regular visits to salons to enhance our beauty, and because my beauty budget is always stretched thin, choose a salon that is worth the money. What I usually do is confirm the cost of service when I make my appointment. At Regati,  the treatment and service rates is way too reasonable, its wallet-friendly and a salon to go to if you want good service but have a strict budget. Remember to always go for quality service at reasonable prices.

                    The things mentioned here are some helpful tips you should think about when salon shopping. But you need to bear in mind that these ideas will give you a starting point for culling the number of hair salon options.

Natureal Taste in a Fresh Look

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Natureal Taste in a Fresh Look

Containing no added sugars or preservatives, Natureal Juices is nutritious, no preservatives, and all the energy you need with great tasting flavour range like Mango Fusion, Calamansi and Passion Fruit. They also launched seasonal flavour like Green Mango.

                   “We want our customers to be able to experience the fresh and real taste of Natureal Juice without adding anything artificial or putting our juice through any process that will alter its color or taste says Marketing Manager, Ms. Alyssa Pang.

                   Natureal Juices  uses a process called High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), that significantly extends the shelf-life of Natureal Juice while maintaining its color, taste and freshness. Instead of heat pasteurization, which alters the color and taste of the juice, HPP processing uses up to 85,000 PSI (unit for pressure) to rid the juice of any living microbial content, which significantly extends the shelf-life of the product. Natureal Juice is the first in the Philippines to locally use the HPP process.

                   With these process, Natureal Juices shelf life when frozen can last to 30 days at optimum quality and can be stored chilled for an additional 90 to 100 days.

                   Natureal Juices first made its debut, 4 years ago at SM Lanang Premiere’s  Weekend Bazaar, and launched its permanent kiosk at the same mall as well. Since then, it has opened several more outlets around Mindanao.

With its popularity in the local market, the company is yet to finalize its franchise procedure, however expanding outside Mindanao is in the works, as they welcome resellers from Luzon and Visayas.

                   Natureal being now a household brand in the local market, also boost its new and fresh look, for customers to immediately enjoy and see the fresh experience. The bottle now features a new 3D look that is bold and eye-catching along with its new vibrant colour palette of yellow and green and purple.  

                   The company also launches a roadmap to boost its support to environmental protection by promoting recycling and reusing plastic bottles. They encouraged clients to make crafty DIY projects, to minimize environmental impact and even save money

          The Media Launch was held at Club Wailea last August 23, 2019, they also have a week-long promotional campaign with a kiosk situated at Gaisano Mall of Davao till August 31.

          Natureal Juices is a product of GFC Juicery Corporation located at R. Castillo St, Davao City.           

Fashion Designer crowned as the new Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2019

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Fashion Designer crowned as the new Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2019

Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2019 , Ms . Nurainie Ampatuan
(Photo Credits) Sunstar Davao

Hiyas sa Kadayawan Ms. Nurainie Ampatuan, who owns her own clothing line is the newly-crowned Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2019 held at RMC Petro Gazz Arena at 3pm last August 11, 2019.

Nurainie’s positive message on preserving her culture and tribe made her judges and crowd favorite. “As a Muslim Filipino, my message to the next Hiyas sa Kadayawan is to never deny your background.

We have the right to lead and influence the millennials, power, and great responsibility. We should be proud of where we came from. Have self-confidence and be a good citizen in our country – our Philippines.

The Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2019 will receive a bouquet of flowers sash, crown and a cash prize of P100,000 pesos in addition to that, she will be given fifty-thousand pesos as start-up money for her project as Hiyas sa Kadayawan.



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Your aweSM Food and Music Festival from August 8 to 11 at SM City Davao Open Parking C! 

Rock out with I Belong To The Zoo 🎼 and Davao’s local bands…

🎼 4th Chapter
🎼 Soul Fusion
🎼 The Boomers
🎼 Gap 69


Hiyas sa Kadayawan Cultural Performance 2019

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Hiyas sa Kadayawan Cultural Performance 2019

Davao City’s rich culture is bared through dances, singing, chanting and playing of ethnic instruments at the recently concluded Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2019 Cultural Presentation held at Ayala Malls Abreeza last August 3, 2019.

            The 11 tribes of Davao represented by their candidates, Aileen Maray (Ata), Jurica Jordan (Bagobo K’lata), Jessa Andian (Bagobo Tagabawa), Rosephine Ambala (Matigsalug), Aiza Grace Oquina (Obu Manuvu), Sittie Lailie Aragasai (Iranun), Cherry Anne Saripada (Kagan), Nurainie Ampatuan (Maguindanaon), Sittie Aleyah Hadjisalim (Maranao), Coraima Hasim (Sama), Kalisar Jakilan (Taosug) showed prowess, where the women lead a show of their respective arts and values.

            Judges include Atty. Geroncio R. Aguio (Regional Director of the National Commission on
Indigenous Peoples – Region XI), Bainal L. Gangis (Administrative Aide 4 of the National Commission on Muslim Filipino – Region XI), Mario Leofer M. Lim (Performer & Artist), Jesus Allaga Montajes (Program Officer for Culture and Arts in Ateneo de Davao University), Atty. Antoinette Principe (Councilor, District 3 of Davao City).

            The Top 3 Winners are Ms. Rosephine Ambala (Matigsalug), Ms. Nurainie Ampatuan (Maguindanaon) and Ms. Coraima Hasim (Sama). The 3 ladies will compete again during the Coronation on August 11, 2019 at 3:00PM at the RMC Petro Gazz Arena wherein one (1) Best in Cultural Presentation will be chosen

            Present during the event were Ms. Gene Rose Tecson (OIC City Tourism), Councilor Myrna Daludo Ortiz (3rd District) and Hiyas sa Kdayawan 2018 Winner Nes-Anne Barem Naraga.


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The Japanese Global retailer, UNIQLO continues to bring its commitment to bring  Lifewear to more Filipnos, especially in Mindanao, as it opens its new expansion store located at SM Lanang Premier last July 17, 2019, with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach gracing the big event.

2015 MIss Universe PIa Wurtzbach

          From the previous 767 square meters, the store brings with it 1, 414 square meters of new shopping landscape. The likelihood that you’ll stumble across something else you might want to buy is never possible anymore.

        During the VIP Shopping more customers considered more purchase, with store staff engaging customers in person, ans shelter spaces positioned to manipulate shoppers into buying more. Guilty!

        To date, UNIQLO has opened a total of 57 stores since 2012 and is looking to open more by the end of 2019.


As a special treat to our customers, exclusive opening promotions will be available in-store during the opening weekend.

From July 19 to 21, customers can get a chance to pick their freebie with a minimum purchase of PHP 3,000. Shoppers can get a chance to take home either UNIQLO Gift Cards or a UNIQLO dry bag.

To make the re-opening more exciting, select pieces will be on limited offers from July 19 to 25, 2019. Some of the items that are part of the exclusive opening offers are:


  • Men’s U Crew Neck Short-sleeve T-shirt (P490)
  • Men’s Oxford Slim Fit Short-sleeve Shirt (P790)
  • Men’s EZY Skinny Fit Color Jeans (P990)


  • Women’s U Crew Neck Short-sleeve T-shirt (P490)
  • Women’s Soft Cotton Short-sleeve Blouse (P790)
  • Women’s Ultra Stretch Cropped Leggings Pants (P790)

For more updates, customers may download the UNIQLO mobile app and visit UNIQLO Philippines’ website at and social media account, Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (

SM Little Stars Regional Finals

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SM Little Stars Regional Finals

Lyka Jane Bayang (General Santos City), Caleb Hans Ong (Cagayan de Oro) and Krisha Mae Buynay (General Santos City) won the three regional spots for the singing, dancing, and special talents category and will advance to the Grand Finals at SM Mall of Asia to represent Mindanao.

                    SM Little Stars is indeed their shot at fame and fortune. With great anticipation, armed with good looks and full display of talents. Each winner will get Php 10,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates and our non-winners will each get SM Gift Certificates worth Php 1000.

                   From April to June 2019, Preliminary Screenings were held in SM City Davao, SM City General Santos, and SM City Cagayan de Oro in the hope of finding the most talented kids from all over Mindanao. A total of 15 kids ages 4-7 years old qualified for the regional finals competed last June 23, 2019. To be able to prepare for their performances, the kids also had the opportunity to undergo a workshop headed by Star maker and Songwriter/Musician Mr. Jeremy Sarmiento as well as WCOPA Silver Medalist Dancer/Teacher Ms. Kieziah Morales.

                   Grand Winners will win full scholarship from National University, a brand new car from Chevrolet, a contract from Regal Entertainment Inc., cash prizes and a trip to China, among others.

                   Panel of Judges include, Ms. Elsie “Chaka” Diamante Founder and Creative Director Flow Fitness Academyin Tagum,, Ms Glexcie Jazz Orosio Cardoza Occupational therapist practicing in a pediatric with private clinics both in Davao and in Kidapawan City and Musical Director of Songspell Philippines and Head of the Vocal Department of Muzic’s Kool, Ms.. Mignon “Koi” Sevilla.